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AeroTherm is a revolutionary new alternative to regular internal wall insulation applied at only 1mm thick.

AeroTherm is an ultra-thin heat reflective coating, applied to your home's walls in a similar process to plastering, leaving a surface that's smooth and ready to decorate with paint or wallpaper.

A 1mm layer of AeroTherm is all that's required to save up to 30% of heat loss from your rooms. No regular insulation method offers this performance at such low thickness.

AeroTherm contains glass microspheres which reflect heat from the walls back into the room, creating thermal comfort from the wall-to-wall distribution of heat. AeroTherm also contains aerogel - a technology developed by NASA to insulate space shuttles. AeroTherm is widely used in homes across Europe.
Why use AeroTherm?

  • minimises space loss... only 1mm thick when applied

  • warmer, cosier rooms... reduces energy use by up to 30%

  • thermal comfort... rooms heat up faster and stay warm for longer

  • helps eliminate condensation & mould... a major cause of skin allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems.

How it works?

Microspheres reflect heat back into the room.
Aerogel provides a barrier to the transmission of heat through the coating.


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